A Note on Etiquette

Some of you may have heard that France has a reputation for stiff rules of behavior and conduct for dining. I warmly invite you to come to Jean Louis, so that I may have the pleasure of changing your mind. Dining at a bistro like mine should make you feel like you are at home with close friends. So don’t worry about which fork to use – just come and enjoy word-class food, right here in Pittsburgh.

 Jean Louis is more than just my restaurant. It is my workshop, my studio, my atelier from which I will bring you mouth-watering delights. Watching my creations melt in your mouth is my desire. We hope you say “Bonjour!” to a delightful French meal of unforgettable flavor and experiences. Come dine with us, here at Jean Louis.

Unraveling French Cuisine

For the French, food and eating are not everyday acts, but rather acts of culture. French food is as rich in history as it is flavor, and every dish has a story. France’s worldwide reputation for its infatuation for food can make French cuisine daunting to some.

But there’s no reason to be intimidated. Join me as I reveal the ins and outs of this country’s amazing culinary tradition.

Hallmarks of a French Restaurant

There are certain characteristic decorations that most French bistros or restaurations will share. Many feature a bowl of fresh lemons near the counter or entrance. Roosters, as the country’s unofficial national symbol, are a common decoration as well, appearing as wallpaper, pictures, and even statues or carvings. Similarly, many French restaurants use blue and white color schemes…and of course, you will find all of these here at Jean Louis.

A Flavorful Journey

French cuisine is broad and varied, offering something for every palette. Although often thought of as elaborate or extravagant, many French dishes are also hearty and comforting. At my restaurant, you will find everything from exotic fare to a trusty sirloin steak.

The food from France differs from region to region. For example, cuisine from the Provence features herbs, tomatoes, and olive oil, while Normandy makes use of butter, créme fraîche, and apples. The Alsace region is heavily influenced by its neighbor Germany, while the area surrounding the Alps is known for its various cheeses. As a whole, the country takes its bread very seriously, and actually has laws for the ingredients, weight, and size of baguettes. France also has enough different cheeses that you could eat a new one for each day of the year. It is my honor to introduce these beautiful regions to you through my many hand-crafted meals.

Wine, of course, is considered a crucial part of a French meal. Legendary author, playwright, and creator of the Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas, once said that wine was “the intellectual part of the meal.” If wine isn’t your glass of beer, we also have classic cocktails, as well as innovative creations that give your favorites a twist.

Authentic French Bistro

Affordable prices, enchanting and relaxing ambience, humble but delicious food - these are the elements of an authentic French bistro, and what makes Jean Louis an unforgettable dining experience.

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